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Three Sisters

Mary, Elizabeth and Apolonia Feuerstein

Mary (b. 1874), Elizabeth (b. 1881), and Apolinia (b. 1870) were three of eight children born to Kaspar and Catherine (Henninger) Feuerstein.

Their other siblings were Magdalena (b. 1869), John (b. 1872), George (b. 1876), Michael (b. 1878) and Clara (b. 1886 d. 1886).

Mary and Elizabeth (Lizzie) married brothers Frank and John Hoover. Mary and Frank were the parents of Sylvester Hoover.

A note on the back of this photo indicates that the picture was taken in 1891. At that time, Mary was 17 and Elizabeth was just ten. Apolinia would have been twenty or twenty-one.

On June 17, 1893, less than two years after this picture was taken, Apolinia (called Abbie by her family), died. She is buried at St. Mary's Catholic cemetery in Smyrna, Michigan.

According to records on Find A Grave, her headstone is engraved:

22 Years

Daughter of Kaspar

Ten years later, on January 29, 1903, Mary would die at the age of twenty-seven.

Lizzie would live to be 69. She passed away on September 15, 1950. With her husband John Hoover, Lizzie would have eleven children:

  • George Kaspar (1908-1988)

  • Aloysius James (1909-1998)

  • Henry John (1910-1995)

  • Andrew Nelson (1911-1988)

  • Ernest Sebastian (1913-1999)

  • Leo Augustine (1914-1953)

  • Joseph (1915-1915)

  • Catherine Marie (1917-2008)

  • Michael Clarence (1919-2012)

  • Gerald Eugene (1923-2006)

  • Jacob Vincent (1925-2015)


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