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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Born: June 29, 1889; Died: December 13, 1914


Sylvester was the only child of Frank and Mary (Feuerstein) Hoover. Frank was the seventh born but first surviving child of Oliver and Catherine (Schoppey) Hoover. Mary was the forth-born child of Kaspar and Catherine (Henninger) Feuerstein.

Mary passed away on January 29, 1903. Sylvester was just three years old. Mary's death certificate listed her cause of death as Pulmonary Tuberculosis. After Mary's death, Frank and Sylvester resided with Frank's mother Catherine and his siblings.

When he was old enough, Sylvester attended the Pearsall School. Records show that Sylvester also took violin lessons.

Frank farmed alongside his brothers for a few years after Mary's death. But on January 16, 1907, the day after his brother John was married, Frank set west by train, leaving Sylvester (age 7) behind.

After Frank left, Sylvester was cared for by his grandmother Catherine Hoover, his Aunt Caroline (Frank's sister), and later by his Aunt Lizzie and Uncle John Hoover (Frank's brother).


Frank was gone for nearly seven years when Sylvester became ill.

It was the fall of 1914 when Sylvester developed a painful growth on his forehead, close to his eyes. Sylvester was taken to a doctor and was immediately admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 9, 1914.

Sylvester underwent an operation to remove the growth. While recovering in the hospital he was visited by George and Aloysius Hoover (two of John Hoover's sons) who both recalled that Sylvester seemed to be doing well.

While in the hospital, Sylvester developed a new growth on his backside. He never recovered. Sylvester died in the hospital on Sunday, December 13, 1914. He was 15 years old.

Sylvester was buried next to his mother mother at St. Mary's Cemetery in Lowell, Michigan.

After leaving Michigan in 1907, family seldom knew where Frank was or how to reach him. His last known address was 1216 South Evans Street, Aberdeen, Washington. He must have finally made a home for himself. He resided in Aberdeen for approximately 28 years before passing away on November 8, 1949 of natural causes."

No one recalls or knows how Frank learned of the death of his son Sylvester.



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